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Wedding Service Music

A guide to saving money on your Wedding Ceremony Music in the Credit crunch

If you’re looking to save money on your wedding ceremony music, the most obvious answer is to ask your registry office or venue whether you can plug in an ipod of your own pre-recorded music.

If you’re keen to have live music, the key to finding a cheaper deal is to shop around. Look on notice boards in your local area for advertisements for local amateur musicians, music groups and orchestras, or contact your local music school or college to see if they have any groups who would be available. It’s surprisingly easy to find amateur musicians who play music to a high virtually professional standard; and they’ll most likely cost a fraction of the price of professionals who specifically market their services to Brides and Grooms.Church Wedding Music

Church wedding music

If you’re having a Church wedding, you will need to pay for the choir, organist and bell-ringers on top of your basic Church fee. Even a local village Church choir can cost £300 and with bells then costing about £170 to have them rung before and after the Wedding service, an expensive deal in these credit crunch times, and probably only one worth considering if they're a real priority for you.

Wedding Bells

If Church bells ringing out are a necessity for you, why not just get them rung either before OR after your ceremony? The only issue is that if the wedding bells only ring before, the bride will almost certainly not hear them; and if they’re only rung after, the wedding party is likely to be so excited when it emerges from the church that they will barely be noticed.

Church choirs

From roughly £300 a go, Church choirs too can be an unnecessary expense - we paid for one, only to decide to play a recording of Happy Day from Sister Act 2 at our wedding service. In retrospect, we should have gone without and saved the money for the honeymoon. Saying this, it is a really lovely thing to be able to support the Church community in this way.

Looking to save money on your Wedding reception music?