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Wedding Favours

If you’re really looking to save money on your Wedding, I would advise avoiding Wedding Favours altogether. They rarely come cheap, wedding guests don’t expect them and more often than not, they get abandoned or forgotten as soon as the disco begins. 

If you’re really desperate to give wedding favours (traditionally known as bombardiers or spelt favors in the US), just remember that even the cost of relatively cheap options add up when you multiply them by the amount of guests being invited. 

Follow these top Chief Bridesmaid tips to find cheaper Wedding favours

Low-cost Wedding favours that double-up as place names

A great credit crunch solution is to save money by making your wedding favours multi-purpose - they can easily double up as place names tooCheap Wedding Favour Placecards.

I bought heart-shaped pink lollies for the guests at my wedding, they worked out at just 15p each from Mrs Kibble's sweetshop in Soho, London. We tied name tags onto them with pink ribbon so that they could double up as name places. They looked great, cost very little and felt like a really original addition to the day.

Similarly, my sister-in-law put a pink lady apple in everyone's nameplace each with a leaf-shaped label showing the guest's name. This looked hugely impressive, yet was cheap and co-ordinated with her fab pink and green colour theme.

Another wedding favour that doubles up as a placename could be a pretty flat stone collected from the beach - use a glitter or calligraphy pen to write the guest's name onto each stone and cover them with varnish.

One of my friends bought shot glasses from Ikea (reduced to 25p each) filled them with smarties and wrote the wedding guests’ names on them with glitter pens.  

My cousin had a Disney-themed wedding and made cookies with Mickey mouse ears on them as her wedding favours. The men’s cookies were dipped in milk chocolate, the girls in white - they were then wrapped in cellophane with our names stuck on them - fabulous! 

Other low cost Wedding favour ideas

Give little packets of seeds to your wedding guests as favours - it's rather lovely to think of your guests being able to look onto their flowerbeds in years to come and be reminded of your special day.

Sweets, particularly those that match the colour theme or hint at romance, always work well as wedding favours. Lovehearts, Chocolate hearts, jelly beans, M&Ms or Smarties, home-made fudge and heart-shaped cookies would all help to make the table look inviting too.The traditional route was for Brides to give five sugared almonds wrapped in lace as their wedding favours. Each of the 5 sugared almonds symbolised health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.

Alternatively, you could save money by not giving wedding favours to everyone - just give wedding favours to the women, or just give out one wedding favour per couple. Alternatively, leave the wedding favours in baskets or bowls around the reception or out with the coffee, and those that want to take them can.

Finally, I’d advise looking around for little things in the January or July sales that can be re-purposed as wedding favours - little candles, pretty boxes, plants and photoframes would all work well. 

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