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Wedding Entertainment

Always set your heart on the romance of a string quartet for your Wedding? Or longed for a rocking DJ to kick start your first dance? Bands, Performers and Singers who advertise themselves as Wedding entertainment rarely come cheap, so it’s important that you do your research to get maximum value for money.Cheap Wedding Band


Saving money on string quartets/classical music for your Wedding

Rather than immediately plumbing for professional classical musicians who advertise in wedding magazines, The Chief Bridesmaid recommends that you seek out classically trained amateur musicians in your area. You will be surprised at the lower prices given by musicians in the local music society, at the local music colleges. Indeed, it’s even keeping your eye out for really great buskers in the area. Call your wedding reception “a party” rather than mentioning the wedding word and you’ll save even more money in the negotiations! If you choose to go for amateurs, it’d certainly be worth your while attending any recitals they’re doing in the area by means of a quality check!


Cheaper Wedding Bands and DJs at your Wedding

Again, don’t just look into those bands and singers who advertise their services as being for weddings - you could find yourself saving a lot of money by looking at broader options. Many professional “wedding” bands cost £1000 plus, by looking for amateur options in your local area - you could be surprised by how much money you could save. Attend gigs local to where you are getting married, and find out the names of local amateur bands (do go and watch them before signing them up!). If say, they perform in the local pub, talk to the pub landlord to find out much he pays them before you contact them to discuss costs. (This way you can ensure you’re not paying over the odds for them, just because it’s your wedding day). Indeed, when you do contact them to ask, call your do "a party" rather than a wedding - this way you can ensure you are avoiding the inevitable unspoken wedding tax that suppliers feel they can add on! 

Save money on DJs at your Wedding

Rather than splash out on a professional DJ at the wedding, why not just download your favourite tracks onto an ipod? That way you will have complete control over the music played (and you can avoid any absolute horrors….Cotton eye Joe, I don’t think so!). This also means that you can run a democratic wedding music list - ask your wedding guests to send in their song requests along with their Wedding invite RSVPs - by knowing this in advance, you can exercise a little select editing, and ensure no-one has an excuse to stay off the dance floor!

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