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Wedding DVD or Video

Having a Wedding photographer and a videographer won't be cheap - but it will preserve your Wedding day so that it lasts not one day, but forever. 

The Chief Bridesmaid's guide to cut the cost of your Wedding DVDTips for cheaper Wedding videography

The most obvious money saving tip is to not have a wedding videographer at all - simply employ a wedding photographer and ask a friend or family member to shoot the video. With so many amateur video editors about these days (you only need to look at You Tube for evidence!), you might not even have to compromise too much on quality. 

Or if having a videographer is really important to you, consider contacting the tutor of a film and tv-making course at a local university. Ask if they have any students who are happy to cover your wedding day as part of their college coursework - you could find that they put a great deal more effort into making the wedding video than a professional would.

Some videographers offer a stills photo package as part of the Wedding DVD deal - this wouldn't offer the same quality that a photographer could offer, but it would mean that you essentially get two for the price of one. 

As with wedding photographers, choose the best videographer you can Moneysaving tips on saving money on Wedding videosafford but go for the most basic package available. Extras might cost a lot, but they add little to the overall effect of your wedding video. If you're desperate to get the "getting ready" or first dance filmed, can you ask a friend with a video camera to cover those bits for you? 

Finally, make sure you have a contract with your videographer and get answers in writing to any questions you might have. Know exactly what is included for the price you are paying and ask firmly if there are any additional costs that he needs to notify you of, like petrol costs.

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