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Wedding Cakes

Save money on your Wedding Cake

Professionally-made wedding cakes from specialists are not cheap - with many costing in the region of £500-£600, they are only really an option if you’re a complete cake obsessive! Save money by following these tips on how to reduce the cost of your Wedding cake.

Can you ask a member of your family or a friend to make your wedding cake?Cheap Wedding Cake

Ask a keen cakemaker among your friends and family to make your wedding cake. You could offer to pay for the raw ingredients, or ask for them to make the cake in lieu of a wedding present. 

Make your Wedding Cake multipurpose

Your guests are likely to get pretty full on the wedding breakfast as it is, so do you really need to serve a pudding and wedding cake? Why not serve your wedding cake as pudding? Croquembouche (or profiteroles piled up high) is the traditional French wedding cake - why not serve this as pudding instead?

High St Supermarket Cakes

Marks and Spencers make a really cheap wedding cake (with a single smallest tier starting at just £12) - but you may find you want to decorate it yourselves as it looks pretty plain without decoration. One of my friends had this for her wedding day and asked a family friend, who made icing flowers, to decorate it. Alternatively, could you take a couple of springs from the garden, or left over from the florist to lay on it.  M&S also sell “cutting cakes” from £8 for a 22 portion cutting bar - a The Chief Bridesmaid bargain!

Cheese cakes

I’m not a cake fan, particularly not wedding cake - all that dried fruit is just not me! - so we went for Waitrose’s cheese cake (a cake made of rounds of cheese rather than a cheesecake). This was comparatively cheap versus a shop bought “wedding cake” at just £120. The layers of cheese included vignotte, brie, goats cheese and a baby bel for the top tier! My sister-in-law decorated it with ivy from the garden. It proved a real hit with all the guests (doubled up as a third course/late evening buffet), and there was enough remaining to serve up any friends and family still there the day after the wedding!

Wedding Fairy cakesCheap Marks and Spencers Wedding Cake

Fairy or cupcakes piled onto a cake stand are in vogue at the moment and can be a cheaper substitution for a traditional wedding cake. Either ask a friend or family member prepared to make them, or failing that, try decorating Asda’s own. They sell 10 white iced fairy cakes for a bargain £1 - whilst they may not sound (or indeed, look) immediately exciting - spruce them up with a bit of rose petal decoration, the bride and groom's initials or sweets and buy a pretty looking cake stand and they could like they’re some of Hummingbird’s finest!

Dummy & Cutting Wedding Cakes

Many cake shops hire out dummy cakes. You can have your photo taken "cutting" the cake which is then taken to kitchen to be “cut up”. In reality, a different cheaper cake is cut up in the kitchen and served to the guests. And so you get a fabulous looking cake far more cheaply. Marks & Spencers sell “cutting cakes” from £8 for 22 portions - a The Chief Bridesmaid bargain! 

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