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The Chief Bridesmaid - duties, role and responsibilities

Given my blog is called The Chief Bridesmaid, I thought I should probably explain the role of the Chief Bridesmaid and her responsibilities.

What does a Chief Bridesmaid actually do? The role of the Chief Bridesmaid on this blog is to give you expert advice on how to plan your wedding on a budget. By reading the tips on my blog, I want to make wedding debt a thing of the past and enable every Bride to have their perfect wedding day, whatever their wedding budget. What does a Chief Bridesmaid do?

The role of your own Chief Bridesmaid is slightly different. The Chief Bridesmaid, Chief Brides-slave (as my friend Lisa calls it) is traditionally known as the Maid of Honour (if the girl is unmarried) or Matron of Honour (if the girl is married).

Typically, the Chief Bridesmaid is the Bride's elder sister or oldest friend. Her role and importance in the wedding party essentially mirrors that of the best man.

The Chief Bridesmaid's role before the Wedding day

As Chief Bridesmaid, your responsibilities will begin long before the wedding day, you'll be expected to carry out the following duties:

The Chief Bridesmaid's duties on the Wedding day

The Chief Bridesmaid's duties on the wedding day are divided into two parts - those things she needs to do on the morning of the wedding day before the ceremony takes place, and those tasks she needs to do once it kicks off. Gosh, it's a lot of work for a chance to wear a pretty dress, isn't it?

Chief Bridesmaid's tasks before the wedding ceremony

On the wedding day itself, the Chief Bride slave, oh I meant, Bridesmaid, needs to be up early to start helping the Bride have a lovely - and stress-free - beginning to her big day. Her duties include:

The Chief Bridesmaid's role during the Wedding ceremony

Once the wedding has started, it's showtime! Time for you to ensure the Bride looks absolutely perfect for the groom, the guests and the all important wedding photographs!

The Chief Bridesmaid's role at the Wedding reception

After the wedding itself, it's up to you to ensure that the Bride is having the day of her dreams! Whilst this responsibility can't lie entirely with the Chief Bridesmaid, you can absolutely help by doing the following duties:

Now you know what the Chief Bridesmaid does, why not get advice on choosing your Bridesmaids?