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The Chief Bridesmaid's guide to saving money on your Bridal Accessories

Ok, so you might not be able to face wearing a second-hand wedding dress or compromising on the designer, but you can still save oodles of cash by being a bit savvy with your bridal accessories.

Follow these top tips for saving money on your bridal accessories:

For Poorer

If you're keen to get cheaper wedding accessories, my most important piece of advice is to borrow, borrow, borrow.  After all, most bridal accessories have only been worn once anyway.  A friend of mine spend £500 on her veil, I spent £0 by borrowing an almost identical one from my sister-in-law. Save money on Wedding Accessories

Even if you’re the first of your friends to get married, your relatives would be over the moon to lend you anything appropriate. My Great-Aunt gave me her pearl ring to wear on my wedding day which was absolutely stunning. It may have been seventy-odd years old but it looked contemporary, stylish and spot-on trend. 

If borrowing isn’t an option, then check out second-hand sites – the beautiful veil that I borrowed from my sister-in-law was full-length and sprinkled with Swarovski crystals – she bought this on eBay from a former Bride for just £25. At full-price it would have been at least £150.

Finally, is there anything you can make yourself? Don’t think of this as a compromise, but rather a way of getting exactly the design you have in mind:

I’d set my heart on a “back necklace” – the sort of necklace that has a long Cheaper Wedding Accessories - homemade necklacestrand that runs down your back – which looks awesome with a backless dress. I’d tried on a few in Bridal shops but they were all priced at a credit-crunching £200.  So I visited the Swarovski bead shop off Regent St, bought some crystals and asked my talented sister-in-law for help. She combined the crystals with some “pearls” that had been on an old necklace that I don’t wear anymore. From these, she was able to make me the most fantastic necklace with a double string of pearls at the front and a long strand of crytals which hung down my back. 

For Richer:

If you can’t face borrowing or wearing something second-hand, then turn to high street accessories retailers rather than jewellry shops. Accessorize and Monsoon do Save money on your veil tipsfantastic bridal hair clips, bands, jewellery and bags, all at a fraction of the price of those charged in Bridal shops. Let the staff know what you’re buying it for and they’ll go out of their way to help you with suggestions. 

BHS and Debenhams do a surprisingly stylish range of tiaras and bridal bits and bobs. Mix and match these with more expensive items and even the most discerning fashion snob wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Only buy those items that you’ll be able to wear again – whether it’s a bling bracelet or nice handbag, it would be a tragedy to splash out on items that will just sit in your chest of drawers for the next decade.

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