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Reception Flowers

Money saving tips for your Wedding Reception flowers

Looking to cut the cost of your Wedding Reception flowers? Whatever your budget, follow the Chief Bridesmaid's top tips to get cheaper wedding flowers.

First of all, work out where wedding flowers sit on your priorities. On average, the typical bride spends between 8% and 10% of her overall wedding budget on the flowers. This includes the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets, corsages, ceremony arrangements as well as the flower arrangements for the reception.Cheap Wedding Reception flowers

Saying this, if you, like me, decide that heaps of wedding flowers aren't hugely important, you could reduce this to say 5% of your overall budget. You should also consider that factors such as whether or not the flowers you choose are in season in your area and the location of the wedding reception will also influence your final costs.

You should have an idea of your overall floral budget before meeting with your florist. That way, they can’t tempt you with wedding flower options that are unaffordable. A good florist will be full of creative yet practical ways to keep your flower costs within budget. They can give you advice such as where to place flowers for maximum effect and what types of flowers are in season and good value.

Choose Wedding flowers that are in season

Talk to your florist about which are the best value flowers to choose for your wedding day. Flowers that are in season and are grown in the UK (rather than those flowers that have been flown in from abroad) are not only cheaper, they’ll be fresher and therefore better quality. There are lots of flowers available all year round, so chat to your wedding florist about what's in season around the time of your wedding.The Chief Bridesmaid Flowers

Use the same flowers for both the Wedding ceremony and reception

If you’re having your wedding ceremony in a different room or location to the reception, you can save money by moving your wedding flower arrangements from one place to the other. This works best with pedestal or free-standing wedding flower arrangements as they’ll work almost anywhere. And, at around £75 - £150 for a pedestal arrangement, you could save yourself a significant amount of money.

Allocate the role of moving the flowers to a couple of the Ushers, pre-agree with them the day before where the flowers will best be suited in the wedding venue. You don’t need anyone worrying you with questions on the day!

Just a note - if you’re having a Church wedding whilst it’s OK to remove the big flower arrangements for the reception, it’s nice to leave some flowers behind. These will be kept up in the Church for the following week and it’s something the congregation really enjoy seeing. Alternatively, you could talk to the vicar about moving them out of the Church temporarily returning them before the Sunday service.

Avoid Wedding Venue Florists

Watch out - some wedding venues insist that you use their contracted florists for the wedding flowers. Check before you book your venue because if this is the case, you’re likely to get charged a lot of money. If you do have to use the wedding venue’s resident florist, stick to simpler arrangements or even balloons to keep your costs lower.

For Richer

Ask your florist whether the pew-ends from your wedding ceremony could also be designed to work as table centres for the reception and move the pedestals between the two locations too.Tips for Cheaper wedding flowers

Hire vases from your florist (often as cheap as £2/piece) and fill them with a single, stunning flower, like a lily, amaryllis or orchid.

Putting mirrors beneath vases will help magnify the impact of your wedding flowers so you can spend less.

Flowers in candelabras look stunning! Plus because they ensure there are no flowers at eye level, your guests can see each other over the table more easily. Plus, you can save money as candelabras are so stunning you need less flowers to make an impact.

For Poorer

A few cheap, simple flowers arranged well can be as stylish a centerpiece as an expensive, elaborate array. Why not float a few gerbia heads in a glass bowl with floating candles to create a stunning centrepiece for the reception tables?

Another cheap option is to pick out some pretty, antique jars or medicine bottles to arrange single stem roses in - complement this with antique cake racks or Cath Kidson look rose tablecloths and bunting.

Large flowers such as peonies or camellias work well as single flower centrepieces. Indeed, if money is tight, another idea is to ask for more filler to be added to your wedding flower arrangements, as using more foliage is obviously cheaper.Cheap Wedding Flowers

Flowers aren't the only option

Balloons can work out much cheaper than Wedding flowers and certainly have as much impact. Candles too are a great way of creating a fantastic atmosphere for your wedding venue without costing a fortune. An alternative is to find stems with lots of flowers so you get more blooms for your buck. There are lots of flowers that can give you this effect, including lilies and hydrangeas.

Ask your florist for plants in gorgeous containers to decorate the tables. Even cheaper, hire pot plants.


Save money on flowers for the Top Table

For Richer

Hire Candelabras or ask if the reception venue have them available for you to borrow. Choose a long, low arrangement using the same flowers used in the table decorations.

For Poorer

Choose a simple foliage garland, or even branches of foliage or flowers that can be left happily out of water, like calla lillies, tulips, orchids and amaryllis, scattered along the table. Or just lay your bridal bouquet across the table as the centrepiece.

Just decorate the Reception Venue

Let’s face it, you’re going to look so show-stopping in your wedding dress that your guests are going to be too distracted to notice the wedding flowers during the service anyway. Why not save half your money and just decorate the reception venue?

Avoid February 14th!

The cost of flowers fluctuates through the year and the price isn’t just affected by what’s in season - during Valentines Day and Mothers Day, the cost of some flowers such as roses can be enormous. Your florist could also be really busy and so will have less time to devote to preparing your flowers. Again, choosing flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding can significantly reduce the overall cost.

Consider Silk Flowers for your Wedding

If you're hoping to cherish your bridal bouquet or wedding flowers forever, you could consider silk wedding flowers for your wedding day:
- Silk flowers are always going to look perfect and won't wilt during the wedding day.
- Silk flowers are difficult to damage, so if the bride drops her silk bouquet, it'll still look perfect for the wedding photos.
- Silk flowers are allergy free (unless you are allergic to silk!)
- A bride is free to choose out of season or more exotic flowers on her big day and to perfectly match the colour and style of the floral arrangements to the theme of the wedding.
- Silk flowers won't stain your wedding dress with pollen!
- If chosen well, silk wedding flowers are beautiful, difficult to tell from the real thing and they can be cherished for a lifetime.

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