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Bridal Hair

Things to consider when deciding on your bridal hairstyle

Perfect wedding hair is all about preparation. If you’re looking to save money by doing your own hair, the key is practice, and then practice some more.

If you’re looking to employ a professional hairdresser for your wedding day, you will find that your locally-based independent hairdresser is likely to be cheaper (and arguably, just as good) as a well-known one.  Just ensure that you schedule a trial run for a couple of months beforehand so that you can experiment together and devise the perfect bridal look.  

The Chief Bridesmaid recommends that you get your hair trimmed and coloured about two weeks before your wedding day so that your hair is in peak condition and yet, you’ve got time to correct any styling errors.

Free Hair cut and colour opportunities

If you're really short of cash, consider heading to L'Oreal's International hair academy to get your hair done. You can have a free cut and/or colour if you volunteer as a guinea pig for one of the creative courses (so ONLY advisable for trendy and experimental laid back brides). You'll then get follow up appointments for an amazingly credit crunch-tastic £15.  All classes are supervised by experienced technical consultants, and men can have free haircuts at all times - perfect for the groom, father of the bride, best man, and hell, the ushers too!  To book call 02087624292 or email

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Affordable hair accessories

It’s a good idea to buy your veil or any wedding hair accessories you plan to wear on the day in advance of your hair trial. Veils and wedding hair accessories can be enormously expensive if you buy them from bridal shops and so shop around for these. Ebay and charity shops often have a huge array of second hand veils for sale all at a fraction of the cost of their original price. Alternatively, why not borrow from a friend?

Look out for fabulous, yet cheap wedding hair accessories in high street shops like The Chief Bridesmaid's favourite - Accessorize.  They do some great diamante and pearl ranges, all perfect for completing that wedding day look.

Accessorising your hair with fresh flowers can be a beautiful low-cost look, particularly if you source these from your own or a friend’s garden.

Other Chief Bridesmaid tips for perfect Wedding hair

Schedule your wedding day hair appointment at least eight weeks ahead, also have a practice session well in advance and bring a picture of your dress with you to the salon. As well as your hair accessories, bring a camera to your hair appointment and take pictures of the front, side, and back.

Make you schedule plenty of time into the day for showers for you and your bridesmaids. This should obviously be in advance of the hairdresser and makeup artist arriving with you.

Ask for more than one stylist to help if you’re bridesmaids and Mum are having their hair done too. Three stylists for a party of six is the best bet for staying on schedule.

Is your hairstylist travelling to you? If so…

Are you going to a salon? If so,

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